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  • Queen Elizabeth

    Year Built: 2010
    Passengers: 2,068
    Decks: 12
    Size: 90,900 tons

  • Queen
    Mary 2

    Year Built: 2003
    Refurbished: 2016
    Passengers: 2,691
    Decks: 14
    Size: 148,528 tons

  • Queen Victoria

  • From the UK

    With nearly 1 million people now choosing to cruise from the UK, Mediterranean cruises continued to be the most popular cruise destination, Baltic Cruises gained second place, previously held by Caribbean cruises. many cruise lines, are now offering cruises departing from many UK cruise ports including; Dover, Edinburgh, Greenock, Harwich, Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Southampton.

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The sheer diversity of the cruise market means there is a holiday for everyone, whether itís a cruise departing from the UK, an ultra-luxury experience in the Caribbean, a cultural river cruise or a photographic expedition to the Fjords, many more people are getting onboard to discover a world of cruising. Caribbean Cruise Holiday
When most of us think of a cruise holiday, we think of the caribbean islands. we imagine pulling up in our big white ship to a patch of sand and palm tree paradise, a steel band serenading us as we stroll down the gangway in our shorts and flip flops and step into the warm sun. The good news is that this image is a pretty accurate depiction of many islands in the Caribbean and Bahamas as well as some coastal ports in Mexico and Central America. Sure, some are jam packed with cruise ship passengers, and many are pretty weak in the palm tree department,however, you're guaranteed nearly constant sunshine and plenty of beaches. On some you will find lush rain forests,volcanic peaks, mayan ruins,winding mountain roads and beautiful tropical flowers. And all of them have great beaches and that laid back don't hurry me seaside pace. Most Caribbean cruises are a week long, though you will find sailings as short as 5 nights and as long as 14 nights. Cruises to the Bahamas are usually 3 or 4 nights though many caribbean routes so include a stop in Nassau or one of the cruise lines private islands.On caribbean cruises, itineraries usually stick to one region,western,eastern or southern caribbean Mexican Riviera and Baja cruise Holiday
The so called mexican riviera is the west coast's version of the Caribbean.A string of sunny ports within proximate sailing distance of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The first stop geographically is Cabo San Lucas, a party orientated town at the southern tip of the Baja Peninsula. Think beer,beaches and bikini's with thatched palapa bars providing some regional character.Fom there cruises head south east to such ports as Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, Acapulco, Ixtapa and Manzanillo, a stretch famed for white sand beaches, watersports, deep sea fishing and golf, with some history thrown in foe good measure.

Hawaii Cruise Holiday
With an almost embarrassing richness of stunning beaches, hula girls and hunky polynesian men, plus perfect weather almost all the time, so both locals and visitors stay in a friendly mellow mood. Learn to surf, go to luau, snooze on the sand,enjoy the local coffee or check out the native Haiian culture, of which the locals are fiercly proud. The past survives alongside thr modern world in a vibrant arts scene, from traditional polynesian dance and music to painting, sculpture and crafts. Each island is different, whether it has a fuming volcano or lush jungles and tropical flowers, though crashing surf and serene beaches are everywhere. The four main port of calls are Oahu, with it's famous Waikiki beach, Maui, home of the historic lahaina town, the Big Island where the state's famous volano's reside and kauai,the most natural and under developed of the dour.

Bermuda Cruise Holiday
Bermuda is a beautiful island chain known for it's powdery pink sand beaches (created by pulverized shells and coral over the eons) ,golf courses and its sane and friendly manner. The locals really do wear brightly coloured bermuda shorts with jaclets, ties and knee highs. Theres plenty to do from shopping in Hamilton for english wools and irish linens to checking out the many historical sites, which range from the 300 year old St Peters Church to the impressive nautical exhibits of the Dockyards Maritime Museum. Most people though head for Bermuda's dreamy beaches, which are easily accesable by bus, taxi or rented motor scooter. To keep things getting from too chaotic Bermuda limits the number of cruise ships allowed to call there. So there are generally just six ships operating 7 night cruises from from, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore.

Alaska Cruise Holiday
Alaska is America's frontier, a land of moutains, forests and tundra just remote enough and harsh enough that it remains mythic even if some of it's frontier towns have been infiltrated by starbucks. The main draws here are all things grand, huge glaciers flowing from down the mountains , enourmous humpbacked whales leaping from the sea, eagles soaring overhead and forests that seem to go on forever. Highlights of most itineraries include glaciers (those in famous glacier bay), the old prospector town of Skagway, state Capital Juneau and boardwalked Ketchikan in the south.